...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

Public Libraries Using Spanish


Rayando el SOL: Issues 26 - 50
SOL Spanish-language pathfinder
for new Internet users
PLUS: Public Libraries
Using Spanish

Issue 50: Special First Anniversary Mystery Survey Issue!

Issue 49: January 26, 2001 (Free government publications in Spanish; Health glossaries; Meet Patricia Bustamante and Jennifer Brock; New book on Spanish-language library services; Cuban filmmaker & birthdays)

Issue 48 (Extra): January 16, 2001 (El Salvador earthquake relief; W-2 tax form explanation in Spanish)

Issue 47: January 14, 2001 (Tax help in Spanish; 2001 Premio Nadal for Spanish novel; New children's book award; Disney marketing)

Issue 46: January 6, 2001 (How to accent email; Do you accent capitals?; Error in the Census; Electrification of Chiapas library; ALA Midwinter RUSA meeting on services to Spanish speakers

Issue 45: December 28, 2000 (The Foreigner in the Library; Accents in Hotmail?; USPS addresses Spanish speakers; Cinco Puntos Press newsletter; Correo Bibliopolítico; Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies; Havana book fair)

Issue 44: December 10, 2000 (NASA Spanish site; Don Quijote e-book; Central American materials; Arrecife magazine; Outreach; Chads)

Issue 43: November 25, 2000 (FIL 2000 in RealAudio; DDC revisions; Marketing in Spanish; Meet Tammy Jones; Rigoberta Menchú)

Issue 42: November 18, 2000 (Harry Potter's Spanish site; FORO XI request for proposals; Spanish Dewey Decimal on Web; Martín Gómez of Brooklyn Public Library)

Issue 41: November 8, 2000 (Carlos Fuentes; Barbie magazine; Cuba library tour; IFLA travel grant; Yahoo! library index; Diversity Toolkit; Core collection question)

Issue 40: October 27, 2000 (Posada & Día de los Muertos; New Salvador Güereña book; Guadalajara radio station)

Issue 39: October 22, 2000 (Cheap Mexico flights; Non-Mexican Day of the Dead sites; Cinco Puntos Press)

Issue 38: October 15, 2000 (Day of the Dead websites; Trejo Foster Foundation Institute 2001; Lalo Alcaraz book; Dewey Decimal in Spanish)

Issue 37: October 6, 2000 (Query: Spanish-language publishers with English-language catalogues; FORO XI; PLUS; Yogi Berra)

Issue 36: September 27, 2000 (Cataloguing survey; Oregon orientation video available; Synchronized library cart antics; Happy Librarians' Day)

Issue 35: September 20, 2000 (USPS website; Toy library; Thoughts on long postings; El Vez for Prez)

Issue 34: September 14, 2000 (Census data; Patron orientation video; YA bilingual dictionaries; Bestseller lists; Hispanic Heritage Month; Latin Grammys; Who is "El Halcón"?)

Issue 33: September 10, 2000 (Bilingual dictionaries for kids?; Materials for the deaf; FIL advice; Most popular portals in Latin America; Bestselling books among U.S. Hispanics; Meet Roxy Ekstrom; SOL site is searchable)

Issue 32: September 8, 2000 (Materials for deaf kids?; FIL 2000; Book tip: Headings in Spanish; Library terminology in Venezuela; PLUS; Meet Kathleen Hanselmann, Ellen Christilaw, and Patricia Clark)

Issue 31: September 5, 2000 (Translation assistance offered; Online survey; Staffers studying Spanish; Placement of Spanish collection; PLUS site ready; Kids' books galore at

Issue 30: August 30, 2000 (RNC2 photo album;. Shelf labels in Spanish; Attachments; PLUS site; Meet Nancy French , Joan Reddy, and Amy Kinard; Library layout question)

Issue 29: August 24, 2000 (Borges; Kids' materials in Spanish; Latino Bookfest; Meet Vicki Novak;; Signage query; Mexico Update)

Issue 28: August 16, 2000 (Outreach in Washington; Google index of online booksellers; RNC2 report; Funkiness; Chico Escuela)

Issue 27: August 12, 2000 (NPR on Latin American e-Commerce; Beisbol; Scotty Gómez the hockey star)

Issue 26: August 2, 2000 (Martin Sheen; Regeneración centennial; Looking for Harlequin series in Spanish)

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