...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson



Rayando el SOL: Issues 76 to the latest
SOL Spanish-language pathfinder
for new Internet users
PLUS: Public Libraries
Using Spanish

Issue 88: July 30, 2003 (Interview with MaklooN of; José Alfredo Jiménez tribute CD; Spanish speakers dying on the job; Spanish SuperPages phone directory; Videoconferencing; ALAET; Volunteers build library in Guatemala)

Issue 87: June 24, 2003 (Movies; NC Latino documentary;Literacy and community profile surveys; Book Expo America roundup; Sandy Berman on local periodicals; How to label YA books?; Library news from Texas, Wisconsin, and Oregon; HCL cataloging database available for free)

Issue 86: June 5, 2003 (Door signage; García Márquez Street; New discussion board; MultiCultural Review; REFORMA and AMBAC; Día de Los Niños/Día de Los Libros nationwide; La Jefa; Newspaper index; Spanish Books In Print database; Revolting Librarians Redux; Delaware; EDPubs Online; Used audio books; LIBRUSA Mexico; Captioned videos for the deaf)

Issue 85: April 11, 2003 (Fuente de Juventud; Jorge Ramos poster; Spanish-language TV and war; More Savage; 1-866-SU SALUD; Fines; "Español on a roll"; Library Willie wins; So does peacenik Almodóvar; Aznar raids Basque newspaper; Poets Against the War; Ryujin Magón; Anti-war kids' books; Mexico to become "New Spain"?; Outreach in MA; Duct tape redux; Mexican political humor site; NYPL begins AskA in Spanish)

Issue 84: March 4, 2003 (Dame Edna; Molotov; Idiocy of Michael Savage, Howard Coble, and Bill O'Reilly; Peace bibliography; pharmaceutical sites; Cancer info in Spanish; New SOL contest; Kids' drawing contest; Translation questions: fines and duct tape; Consulta database; Buscando California; Politics of websites; Arkansas focus groups; Victor Villaseñor; Poll data)

Issue 83: January 31, 2003 (Drug guide sought; consular ID backlash; new Web guide in Spanish; flyers; Greg Palast; Gael García Bernal; new contest; bilingual books; Los Amigos Invisibles; Job announcement in Sarasota; Amando Alvarez's site; U. of Guadalajara LOTY; online literary journals; 3rd world library conference; Field Work; volunteer work)

Issue 82: December 26, 2002 (FIL photos; Seeking tax books; Bilingual DDC guide; Network Brownout Report; SOL in glossy mag'zines; George Lopez; "La Cucaracha" comic; Four news articles about libraries; FORO 2003; SOL contest; Friends of Cuban Libraries)

Issue 81: November 27, 2002 (Hooking up at the FIL; Flaco on NPRIs Car Talk next?; What does your library do with local periodicals?; Tips on finding videos in Spanish; Hip Hop Hoodios; Rock in El Salvador; More on ESL scam; Even Start brings kids, parents to library; Volunteers save library; Backstretch literacy center at Churchill Downs)

Issue 80: November 1, 2002 (Con artists target immigrants; Free self-paced computer classes in Spanish; Jorge Ramos promotes books; Online construction instruction from Lowe's; Hear "La reina del sur"; Latin American cartoonists; Dictionary index; Book pricing tool; Calaveras contest; MEDLINE does it again; Big news from small places)

Issue 79: October 7, 2002 (SBA's new site in Spanish; Text-Key's very large print CDs; Surviving your first storytime in Spanish; Online bibliotecarios; Fiesta Informativa; David Bacon photos of Mexican labor struggles; Críticas bestseller list; High-tech giveaway; Grapes of Wrath resonates with Spanish speakers; NAHP journalism awards)

Issue 78: September 5, 2002 (ALA's travel grants to the FIL; The trouble with Official English; Two newspapers scrutinize Santa Ana's library; EBSCO offers free trial for health database; Sandy Berman Award honors Latino outreach; Mr. B himself touts Spanish-language newspapers; El Ratón de la Biblioteca; Henry wins again; Anti-copyright basics; Bilingual mural gallery; Bookmark ideas needed; Hamfisted editing)

Issue 77: August 13, 2002 (Suburban Latinos; Free newspapers; González Viaña's website; Charlando con Cervantes; Health literacy; Contest results; Libraries and MLB; TPS extensions; Bracero lawsuit; Online crosswords; New books about women who rock & write; Cuban photos; Ozomatli contest)

Issue 76: July 10, 2002 (Eduardo González Viaña; School library layout; Academia Latinoamericana de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil; Kids' nonfiction from Rourke; Canoa; Flag salute in Spanish; Political shenanigans; Spanish in the big leagues; Latest on Internet habits of U.S. Spanish speakers; Google contest; Transcription service; José Clemente Orozco)


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