...una biblioteca es un gabinete mágico en el cual hay muchos espíritus hechizados. Despiertan cuando los llamamos; mientras no abrimos un libro, ese libro, literalmente, es un volumen, es una cosa entre las cosas.      - Emerson

Public Libraries Using Spanish



Rayando el SOL: Issues 51-75
SOL Spanish-language pathfinder
for new Internet users
PLUS: Public Libraries
Using Spanish

Issue 75: June 3, 2002 (World Cup sites; US national anthem in Spanish; Children's literature webzine; PLUS bookmarks; Mexican consular IDs; Santa Ana library disappoints; Bilingual dictionary of library terms; Indexing Spanish-language sites; UNESCO library portal; PBS; Computer glossary in Spanish; Racial profiling; Santa Paula library's new website; Healthfinder; Internet safety guide for Spanish-speaking parents; INS screws up; Biblioteca Social Reconstruir; Contemporary music)

Issue 74: May 8, 2002 (José Saramago; Paco Ignacio Taibo II; Oralia Garza de Cortés creates a day for children and for books; LSTA success stories; Pacific NW librarians begin organizing REFORMA chapter; Looking for a library school diarist; Pew Hispanic Center; Biblioteca Latinoamericana in San Jose, CA; NBC, Republicans take up Spanish; Fox and Fidel on the phone)

Issue 73: April 20, 2002 (Librusa; Jobs for cybrarians; American Family; Recipe sites; Volunteer in Guatemala; 50 YA books; Internet teaching guide; Pep Boys; Bibliobus question; Gonzo's gumball; Great Books Foundation; María Félix; Aliform Publishing; Meet Trilce Navarrete; ALA Equality Award; Day laborers in RUSQ; Free parenting video; De p@seo por la red; Health care, unfair; SOListas take a shine to JC López)

Issue 72: March 16, 2002 (Online computer tips in Spanish; Homeschooling question; Bestseller lists; Help the FORO survive; N. Carolina's Latino boom; Seattle computer training; Contests; AARP courts Spanish speakers; Online soccer mags; Maradona in Cuba; Listen to Radio Bilingüe; New library Spanish course; New Bilindex and other titles available)

Issue 71: February 12, 2002 (Valentine hearts now speak Spanish; User surveys in Spanish?; Rick Mendosa's Diabetes Directory; MEDLINE's multi-ethnic pages; Multilingual legal info kiosks; Knowledge River; SOL giveaway!  Win book on library services to indigenous communities; Another holiday institution takes Spanish lessons; Chilean DDC; Ezra Jack Keats grants; Dig the NewBreed, baby; New TV show: American Family; Cuban Library Tour.)

Issue 70: January 15, 2002 (New library websites; Sports books; Soccer e-zine;; TX debate in Spanish; Washington Post bilingual columns on Web; Dr. Trejo honored; Martin Gomez to SF; Homeowners' names; Cuban books; Gonzalo de Berceo site)

Issue 69: December 23, 2001 (StoryPlace in Spanish; Comprehensive health site; Poetry portal; Mexican town goes digital; Enhanced Críticas site)

Issue 68: November 20, 2001 (Library hosts INS electronic kiosk; Missing Críticas review; Narcocorridos; Barahona Center YA workshops; New REFORMA book; Jornalero ethnography; Spanish in K.C.-area libraries; B.S. detector; Adiós, Papá)

Issue 67: October 15, 2001 (Juanes; Independent Publishers Group; FIL question; Mexico donates texts to Denver; Healthfinder español; Mexican 9/11 victims; Parenting advice; Rudolfo Anaya unites Racine; Latino Technology Network; Immigration sites; AyudaCentro; Meet Wm. Yurvati; Araceli Quezada does good work; Job openings in Hennepin County)

Issue 66: September 21, 2001 (Spanish-language news about US terrorist attacks; Question on CD-ROMs in Spanish; La historia de los colores now on the Web; Problems with Spanish-language online health info; Virtual Michoacán; SOLista's library on the Today Show; Website counsels emigrants; Online multicultural storytelling seminar; Web dictionary; Kansas City's Biblioteca de las Américas)

Issue 65: September 8, 2001 (Early Childhood Education materials; Selecting culturally appropriate items; 140+ languages spoken here; Oregon outreach grant; Flaco talks to the press, and Library Journal; Latinos at high risk in the workplace; AIDS awareness efforts; Cops eat Salvadoran treats; Chickering Moller book; Politicos speaking Spanish to win votes; Latin Grammys; News sources from Cuba; New Cuban library tour)

Issue 64: August 10, 2001 (Popular sports magazines in Spanish; Latinamerican baseball column on Web; Yet another Census undercount; Online Spanish-language mouse tutorial; Legal forms; Guatemala needs obsolete library paraphernalia; Share your stories of international library work; Caracas Book Fair)

Issue 63: July 23, 2001 (Question about Baker & Taylor; Recent US Spanish-language book publishing; New soccer magazine; "A Librarian at Every Table" list debuts; IFLA conference & Multicultural Libraries forum: SOL quiz; Latin Grammy nominees)

Issue 62: July 4, 2001 (MCLS staff Spanish guide; Children's sites; Biblioteca or librería?; ID requirements; Trejo Foster Foundation; The Changing Culture of Libraries; New issue of Críticas; Cataloging, again)

Issue 61: June 21, 2001 ("Monolingual Cataloging Monolith"; Día de los Niños/Día de los Libros advice sought; Day laborers; trends in Spanish-language Web use)

Issue 60: May 22, 2001 (Free sample of Críticas; Spanish-language sites on government publications, labor, progressive politics, Chomsky, and self-development; Yahoo! adds travel to its Spanish-language portal; Flaco seeks exemplary catalogs)

Issue 59: May 11, 2001 (Library Spanish course; Elena Poniatowska; Trejo Foster Hispanic Library Institute; New Census report; Spanish-language legal forms?; Materials supplier: TyERA; Claire wins the contest)

Issue 58: April 24, 2001 (Homework center book; REFORMA workshops at ALA-SF; Another Críticas contest; California State Librarian on pluriculturalism; Carlos Fuentes, in the flesh

Issue 57: April 11, 2001 (Staff language training?; Index of reviews of Spanish-language items; Críticas; Jeeves en español; More low-income & minority users access Web from home; Businesses serve a changing clientele; Scary procedures @ your library)

Issue 56: March 29, 2001 (How to sustain bilingual storytimes?; Looking for a video on library etiquette; Historietas; Ethnic labels; More Census questions)

Issue 55: March 18, 2001 (Video vendors?; Críticas; Kids/YA vendor; BBC's Spanish site; Public Library Manifesto; NPR on "Cultural traffic school" in Colorado; Census shows Hispanic growth)

Issue 54: March 5, 2001 (ALA presidential candidates; upgrades service; The Sun Magazine; Oregon library posts online newsletter in Spanish; More on the Census undercount)

Issue 53: February 24, 2001 (Oregon Trail query; Swimsuits & FORO XI; Outreach survey; Multicultural meta-Site: Meet Jaime Declet;. Hennepin CL's Multilingual Links; Salvadoran earthquake relief; Prodigy targets Spanish speakers)

Issue 52: February 17, 2001 (Core collection query; LGBT-interest books; Meet Araceli Quezada; Marketing; Grantseeking; MAD Magazine & Sergio Aragonés; Census undercount revisited; President Bush's Spanish)

Issue 51: February 2, 2001 (Tax advice; Query regarding online booksellers; Music sites; Ethnicity and Web use; Accents)


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